Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 6 - Calf Raise with Bent Leg Ball Between ankles

Calf Raise with Bent Leg Ball Between Ankles

This exercise is intended to strengthen the soleus and increase the balance in the ankle between the medial and lateral tendons.  This exercise is a great one to choose if your body tends to roll to the outside of your foot during ankle exercises.  Holding the ball gives you proprioceptive information that allows your body to learn correct ankle alignment
To do this exercise you will need a soft ball.  Start by standing on both feet with the soft ball between the medial malleolus of each ankle.  Be sure that the weight is distributed equally on both feet.  Next bend both knees while keeping the heel reaching towards the ground.  Then keeping your knees bent exhale as you lift your ankles while maintaining equal pressure on the ball.  Inhale as you  slowly reach your ankles to the floor and then exhale again as you lift your heels away from the floor. Repeat 8-10 times.
Things to watch for:
Once again, it is important to be sure that your weight is distributed equally on your feet and that your knees are tracking over your second and third toes. 
Also be sure that your posture is upright and that your spine is reaching towards the sky.

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