Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 25- Sequential Toe Wave: Little Toe to Big Toe

Sequential Toe Wave: Little Toe to Big Toe

This exercise is another foot dexterity exercise.  Imagine yourself as a child. Did you climb trees?  Did you run around bare foot?  These are all fabulous things for our feet, and as we grow into adulthood and the land of constant shoes our foot loses some dexterity.  This exercise is there to put that dexterity back!
To do this exercise you will sit in a chair with both feet planted on the ground. Your heels will be directly beneath your knees and the rest of your foot will shoot out directly in front of your heel.  To start the exercise lift your toes while keeping the ball of the foot in contact with the floor and then place each toe back on the ground individually starting from the pinky moving sequentially through the toes all the way back to the big toe.  Repeat 10-12 times
What to watch for
As with any of the seated exercises this can be a full body workout if awareness of the breath and upright posture are part of the exercise.  Be sure to keep your gaze forward and sit on the edge of the chair.

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