Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 23- The Monster Footwork

The Monster Foot Work

This exercise is designed to increase the articulation of the foot.  It is a great exercise for those of us who must wear shoes all day long.  Consider it a way to free the foot from stiffness that could accrue over the years.
To do this exercise takes some imagination.  Imagine that your foot is a slithering monster, and its mode of ambulation is the toes.  With this picture in mind I want you to sit in a chair and spread your toes out.  Then place your toes on the ground with as much space between each toe as possible.  At this point begin pulling your heel forward with your toes until your toes are scrunched and curled.  Then spread your toes out and place them on the ground so as to start the “foot monster’s” next step.
What to watch for
If your foot is not used to this movement the bottom of your feet may cramp up.  If this happens simply shake the foot out until the cramp releases and start again.  As your foot gains dexterity the cramping will happen less and less
Also remember your posture is a part of this exercise.  How are you sitting in the chair?  Keep that question in the back of your mind.

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