Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 17-Single Leg Balance on Full Foam Roller

Single Leg Balance on Full Foam Roller

This exercise is an advanced balance exercise and intended for those that are looking for a challenge. 
To do this exercise you will need a full foam roller.  You will place the foam roller on the ground, then place your hand on the wall and step on the foam roller with your foot perpendicular to the roller? How’s your balance?  

If you want to challenge yourself further you can stand with your foot parallel on top of the roller (This exercise should be executed with caution)
What to watch for:
Isolating balance exercises in the ankle is precarious.  If you have a history of ankle strain be sure to proceed with caution. 
 Keep your breath moving.  Holding your breath while balancing can disconnect you from your pelvic floor and your center.

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