Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 24- The Great Towel Draw

The Great Towel Draw

This Exercise is very similar to the Monster Footwork.  The foot mechanics are the same but the goal has changed.  Instead of using the intrinsic muscles of the foot to propel your foot forward, you will use the intrinsic muscles of the foot to pull a towel underneath the foot.
To do this exercise you will place the edge of a towel underneath the tips of your toes.  Then spread your toes out and use the muscles in the bottom of your foot to pull the towel towards you.  Repeat until the towel is crumpled up underneath your foot
What to watch for
If your foot is not used to this movement the bottom of your feet may cramp.  If this happens simply shake the foot out until the cramp releases and start again.  As your foot gains dexterity the cramping will happen less and less.
This exercise may try your patience a little bit.  Remember to keep breathing and embrace the learning process.  The more tension in your body and posture the harder it will be to complete the exercise.

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