Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 19- Ankle Inversion/Eversion with Theraband

Ankle Inversion/Eversion with a theraband

 This exercise is intended to strengthen the lateral and medial stability of the ankle.  It is great for the person that finds that he or she is often nursing a strain or sprained ankle.
To do this exercise you will need a theraband.  When sitting wrap the middle of the theraband around the ball of your foot and then hold the ends in one hand.  First, cross the theraband over the midline of the body and then using the muscles and the tendons on the side of your ankle pull your foot away from the midline.  Then move the theraband to the outside of the leg (you might have to hold it in the other hand) and exhale as you pull the forefoot towards the midline.
What to watch for:
The safety concern for this exercise is snapping the theraband.  Be sure that you have a very strong grip. 
Be aware of your sitting posture as you are doing this exercise.

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