Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 10- Calf Raises Straight Leg on Step with Ball

Calf raises straight leg on a step with ball between ankles
This exercise combines two of the previous.  You will do the calf raises on the step to increase the range of motion, and you will place a ball between the medial malleoli of the ankle to aid in ankle alignment and balance.

To do this exercise begin by standing on a stair step, and then move both of your feet towards the edge of the step so that the balls of your feet are on the edge and your heels are extended off the edge.  Then place a soft ball between the medial malleoli of the ankle, and while maintaining long and straight legs inhale as you reach your heels below the step and then exhale as you lift your heels towards the ceiling.  Inhale release your heels slowly and exhale lift.  Imagine that as you exhale you are lifting your heels and your belly button at the same time. Repeat 8-10 times
Things to watch for:
Remember that this is a full body exercise that the length in your spine and the lift in your belly is as much a part of the exercise as the ankle work.
For the sake of safety, make sure that there is a railing that is close for balance.

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