Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 4 - Calf Raises with Bent Leg

Calf Raises with Bent Leg

This exercise is also intended to contribute to ankle strength.  It is similar to the calf raise, but it isolates the soleus muscle as opposed to the gastrocnemius, which was strengthened in the previous post.

To do this exercise you will start by standing with equal weight on both feet.  Then slightly bend your knees.  Your heels should still be on the ground.  Then exhale as you lift your heels off the ground.  The goal is to keep the knees stationary as you isolate the muscles of your ankles.  Inhale as you slowly reach your heels to the ground and then exhale again as you lift the heels.  Execute this exercise approximately ten times.

Things to look for:
Once again, it is important to be sure that your weight is distributed equally on your feet and that your knees are tracking over your second and third toes. 
Also be sure that your posture is upright and that your spine is reaching towards the sky.

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