Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 117- Toe Taps from Table Top single leg on Slomo Ball

This exercise is intended to add proprioceptive challenge to the Single Leg Toe Taps.

To do this exercise you will need a mat and a soft ball.  Start by lying on your back with the soft ball underneath your pelvis.  Your legs will be in a tabletop position.  Inhale to prepare and exhale as you lower one leg to tap the toe on the ground and return it to a tabletop position, then inhale in between and exhale again as you lower the other leg and bring it back up.  Repeat 5-10 times alternating sides.

Things to think about
The soft ball may make the pelvis a little wobbly, so to keep it stabile will require additional abdominal strength.

Try and breathe into the back of your ribs during the exercise.  The space underneath the back that is created by the ball allows for more room in the ribcage, so if you focus the breath there you might be able to get some release

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