Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 39- Chest Breath with Pelvis on Soft Ball

This exercise places the pelvis in an elevated position and allows for increase length in the entire spine.
To do this exercise you will need a soft ball and a mat.  Start by lying supine with the soft ball under your sacrum, which elevates your pelvis away from the ground.  Your head and shoulders will be on the ground and your knees will be bent with your feet flat on the floor.  Begin the chest breath.  As you inhale allow the breastbone to rise towards your chest and as you exhale let the breastbone release towards your spine.  With each inhale imagine a string lifting your breastbone to the ceiling and with each exhale imagine the breastbone melting into a pool on the ground
Things to think about
As before this exercise is one of the easiest ways to release tension in the neck and shoulders.  Using imagery to increase this release is also helpful.  Imagine your breastbone, melting or softening to increase the mobility in your chest as well as in your thoracic and cervical spine.

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