Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 37- Belly Breath with Pelvis on Soft Ball

This exercise allows you to continue practicing the belly breath with the pelvis elevated.  This will allow you to concentrate on finding length in the lower back during this breath.

To do this exercise you will need a soft ball and a mat.  Start by lying on your back with the soft ball under your sacrum, which elevates your pelvis away from the ground.  Your head and shoulders will be on the ground and your knees will be bent with your feet flat on the floor.  Begin the diaphragmatic breath, allowing your belly to rise as you inhale and release as you exhale.  As you continue the breath see if you can expand the tissues of your low spine when you inhale, and as you exhale make sure you expel all of the air so that your ribcage can release towards the ground for a gentle stretch.

Things to think about
 The diaphragmatic breath is a great way to release tension in the top of the Psoas muscle, which runs along the front of the low spine.  As you exhale and the diaphragm releases into the ribcage this is a great time to think about reaching your ribcage to the ground to increase the length in your lower spine.

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