Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 36-Single Lung Breathing Side Lying

This exercise adds the resistance of the floor to the single lung breath exercise of before.  Breathing into resistance whether it is the hands or the floor can increase the depth of the breath once the resistance is released.  It can also assist you in your exhale.
To do this exercise you will need a mat.  Start by lying on your side with your knees bent.  Begin breathing into your ribs.  As you inhale try to expand your ribs into the floor.  Exhale as your ribs narrow and move away from the floor. Inhale your ribs expand into the floor and exhale as they release. Repeat on the other side.
Things to think about
In between the two different sides of this exercise it will be fun for you to lay on your back and try a few rib breaths to notice the difference from side to side.  Ask yourself if your ribs have more mobility.  Can you take deeper breaths?

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