Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 215- Teaser with Resistance Band Arm Work

This exercise adds resistance training to the upper body in the modified teaser position.

To do this exercise you will need a mat and a theraband.  Start by lying on your back in a tabletop position with your hands holding the theraband in the air above your chest.  Inhale to prepare and then exhale as you pull out on the theraband and lift your head, neck, and shoulders into the air.  Continue the exhale as you keep rolling through the spine and pulling horizontally on the theraband.  At the top inhale to prepare and then exhale as you pull on the theraband and lift your arms overhead.  Inhale as you return your arms to the front and repeat 6-8 times.  Then inhale to prepare and exhale to roll back to the earth.

Things to think about
If you have osteoporosis, you can still do the arm work in the modified vee position without rolling through the spine.

This exercise helps organize the head, neck, and shoulders.  Be sure to allow the shoulder blades to slide down the back as you lift the arms overhead.

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