Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 196- Roll Up with Theraband

This exercise is a variation of the Classic Pilates Exercise that adds assistance to aid in greater spine articulation and deep abdominal connection.
To do this exercise you will need a mat and a medium resistance theraband.  Start by lying on your back with your legs lengthened beneath you.  You will be holding a theraband in your hands that is wrapped around the bottom of your feet.  Inhale into the back of your ribs, and then exhale as you narrow your ribs and hollow your abdominals to lift your head, neck, and shoulders.  Continue rolling through your spine to a seated position.  Use the tension of the theraband to find your deep abdominal muscles.  Inhale into the back of the ribs and then exhale as you curl your pelvis to begin to articulate through the spine and lower yourself to the ground.
Things to think about
If you have osteoporosis you can do this exercise with a neutral spine.  As you lower your spine to the ground be sure to feel the length through the top of the head so that your spine is as long as it can possibly be.
When using the theraband for assistance in this exercise you may feel a tendency to bend the elbows and recruit the biceps to help you complete the motion.  In actuality this will make it harder to use the deeper abdominals to articulate through the spine.  Leaving the elbows long will leave you the room for spine articulation.

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