Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 182- Single Straight Leg Stretch Spine on Foam Roller Alternating

This exercise is very similar to yesterday’s exercise.  It adds great proprioceptive challenge to the classic Pilates Single Straight Leg Stretch.

To do this exercise you will need a mat and a foam roller.  Start by lying with your back along the top of the foam roller.  Your hands will press into the ground as you lift your legs first into a tabletop position and then straighten them into the air.  Inhale as you press the right hand into the floor and let the left hand grab onto the back of the right leg.  Then exhale as you lift your head, neck, and shoulders.  Inhale you switch hands and legs, and then exhale as you switch again.  Repeat for ten breath cycles.

Things to think about
Be prepared to wobble with this exercise.  The extreme proprioceptive challenge requires and extreme amount of strength and proprioception.

If you have osteoporosis you should do this exercise with your head, neck, and shoulders lying on the log.

If you fall never fear.  It is the art of practicing balance that improves balance, not the successful completion of an exercise.

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