Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 159- One Hundred with Feet Down and Magic Circle around the outside of the knees

This exercise uses the magic circle to engage the abductors of the hips while strengthening the pelvic floor and lower abdominals.

To do this exercise you will need a mat and a magic circle.  Start by lying on your back with your feet threaded through the magic circle so that it is on the outside of your thighs.  Your knees should be bent and your feet planted on the floor.  Inhale to prepare and then exhale as you press out on the magic circle.  Continue pressing out as you inhale into the back of the ribs, and then exhale as you reach your fingertips past your hips and lift your head, neck, and shoulders into the air.  Continue your breath as you begin to pump your arms.  Inhale for five pumps and then exhale for five pumps. Continue you this breath pattern until you have completed 10 breath cycles.  Then rest your head back to the ground.

Things to think about
If you have osteoporosis you should do this exercise with your head, neck and shoulders on the ground.
This exercise is an abdominal exercise, but more importantly this exercise tones and engages the diaphragm.  It is important to get as much air out of your lungs as possible on the exhale.  This will increase the release in the diaphragm and lengthen the lumbar spine. 
Be sure that as you abduct your legs towards into the magic circle that your pelvis is still.

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