Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 139- Oblique Abdominal Curls with Magic Circle Assistance

This exercise adds the magic circle to assist in the oblique abdominal connection.
To do this exercise you will need a mat and a magic circle.  Start by lying on your back with your knees bent and your feet planted into the floor.  Hold the magic circle with the palms of your hands facing the circle.  Inhale as you rotate your spine to point the magic circle to the right your right knee.  Then exhale as you squeeze the magic circle and reach your hands further toward the right of the right knee.  Your left shoulder girdle should lift to engage the core.  Inhale as you return to the beginning and exhale as you repeat on the other side. Repeat 8-10 times alternating sides.
Things to think about
You should not do this exercise if you have osteoporosis.
The exhale is the most important part of this exercise.  To get the most out of the abdominal connection, be sure that all of the air is leaving your lungs as you squeeze the magic circle.
Be sure that your shoulders are staying organized.  Your arm bones should be connected to the shoulder blade and your shoulder blades should be sliding down your back. 

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