Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 132- Oblique Chest Lift

This exercise adds movement of the arms to the oblique abdominal curl for increased core control with arm movement.
To do this exercise you will need a mat.  Start by lying on your back with your knees bent your feet planted into the ground. Inhale into the back of the ribs as you clasp your hands at the base of your skull and then exhale as you lift your right elbow, arm, and shoulder toward your left thigh.  Inhale as you arc your arms in front of your chest toward the back of the left thigh and exhale as you clasp the back of your thigh and lift your right elbow, arm, and shoulder higher. Then inhale as your return the arms along the same arc to the base of your skull.  Then exhale as your lower your body to the ground.  Inhale into the back of the ribcage and then repeat the movement on the other side.  Continue alternating sides 5-10 times.
Things to think about
You should not do this exercise if you have osteoporosis.
The breath pattern is very important in this exercise.  It can facilitate increase range of motion of the thoracic spine, and it can ease any pain the head, neck, and shoulders as you do this exercise. 
The longer the arc of your arms the stronger the challenge to your core.  Be sure to reach those fingers as far away from the body as possible!

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