Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 227- Swan with Foam Roller

This exercise is a continuation of yesterday’s exercise.  Along with the shoulder shrugging we are going to add extension of the spine.

To do this exercise you will need a mat and a foam roller.  Start by lying on your belly with your legs lengthened long beneath you and the foam roller above your head.  Be sure that the foam roller is perpendicular to the body and place your forearms on the roller.  Inhale as you turn your thumbs to the ground, internally rotate your shoulders, and slide your shoulder blades to your ears.  Then exhale as you turn your thumbs to the ceiling, externally rotate your arms, and slide your shoulder blades down your back.  Once your shoulder blades are sliding down your back maintain that connection as you inhale and extend your spine to the ceiling, exhale as you release towards the floor to begin again Repeat 8-10 times

Things to think about
This exercises teaches shoulder stability during spine extension.  As you practice be sure that you are maintaining shoulder organization.

I really like to use the image “plug your arm bones into the shoulder sockets” for this exercise.  To me, this image speaks to the external rotation of the arm bone that provides great shoulder stability.

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